Plan Execute Validate


InsightDispatch allows Transporters to manage freight planning and execution. Each event triggered by actors in the delivery process are logged into the Track & Trace system, ensuring transparency and accountability at all points in the process. Upon completion of deliveries, Transporters can validate captured shipment information through supporting audit trails, photos, and document proofs.


Electronic Proof Of Delivery supported by comprehensive data capture

Dispatch manager

Manage loads, shipment details, and driver assignments using an intuitive and convenient user interface. View shipment status changes and communicate with your fleet of drivers instantly and in the context of individual shipment records.

Automated load consolidation

Save time and improve your resource usage by consolidating shipments according to the dimensions and weight of your available trucks and containers. Decrease transport costs over time by knowing exactly how many trucks to book for your deliveries across multiple locations and transport modes.

SKU-level tracking

Mitigate risks and ultimately lower the rate of shipment disputes and inventory pilferage by tracking your deliveries down to each SKU. Motivate your delivery teams to consistently perform better by rewarding staff that carefully review the list of products they deliver, accurately capture the exceptions that occur on the field, or simply properly confirm the stocks loaded into their trucks.

Sensor data integration

Let our suite of flexible IoT API’s capture data from all your available devices and sensors to assemble a wholistic and centralized view of your shipments and overall logistics operations. No telemetry? No problem. Our solutions can come with software only, or a combination of software and hardware packages that suit virtually any situation such as refrigerated, dry goods, loose parcel or full container movements.

Real-time track & trace

Solve traditional problems where users log into multiple touchpoints to try and combine a sensible view of just one shipment. Our heavily API-driven approach to shipment visibility combines all possible sources of information into an aggregated view of shipment events, status changes, telemetry data (ie: temperature, speed, door movements) into a seamless and user-friendly view.

Real-time alerts and exception reporting

Minimize post-delivery issues by actively participating in each step of your shipment’s journey. Manage a fleet of trucks delivering hundreds and even thousands of shipments and keep updated with each and every message or status change that happens along the way.

Interactive dashboards

Insight’s interactive dashboards present your data in an appealing and relevant package, very useful for both adhoc presentations and in-depth analysis of details and events with a few clicks into drill-down reports. Convenient and easy to understand dashboards and reports enable you and your customers to review and act on data and events quickly.

Driver records management

Stay on top of your fleet or 3rd party transport teams’ performance and behavior. Create and manage evaluation and incentive programs based on real world live data from the field. Improve your efficiency and manage your operations in greater detail through your final point of contact, your drivers.

Integration with ERPs for order tracking and ePODs

Complete the loop and update your ERP, accounting, or warehousing application with scalable APIs and integration plugins for our Dispatch, Transport, or Marketplace platforms. Update mission critical shipment related records with an immutable blockchain electronic proof of delivery (ePOD).

Ad-hoc reports

Create and manage instant or recurring report schedules. Find a KPI in your dashboard that you want to get regular detailed snapshots on email? Need to add more columns and attributes to existing reports? The built-in report generator enables you to access almost any object in your database without writing a single line of code.

Freight Bill generation

Generate invoices for freight and accessorial costs and services directly from within the dispatch software. Include details of each shipment and ePOD in billing statements your send customers.

Photo and document validation

Save time and optimise labor costs by leveraging document recognition A.I. to help validation activities move faster and more consistently. Document sorting made effortless while managing records in the context of each relevant shipment.

Paperless ePOD reports

Save costs of printing and physical document management by keeping electronic proof of deliveries (ePOD) as your single source of truth. Distribute or share ePODs with your customers from within the context of the shipment record and invoice.